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Call today! 956-723-4308

Third Party Logistics 3PLand Cross Border Experts

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  • Time is Money

    Highly dedicated bilingual Customer Care professionals able to assist you at every turn.

  • Integrated Services

    We provide an integrated operation with warehousing, distribution services, cross-docking, inventory management, packaging and transportation services.

  • Supply Chain Solutions

    We are U.S. Customs bonded, foreign-trade zone (FTZ), and have a Union Pacific private spur 747.

  • World-class Customer Service

    Seamless integration of our services with the logistics flow of customers to achieve optimal performance and propel towards customer satisfaction beyond excellence.

Our Services


Distribution Warehousing

Our warehouses are built with concrete and steel construction. Our proven experience and meticulous approach provides our customers with successful results. .

    Customs Bonded Warehouses: Offering services similar to a foreign trade zone. Class 3 Warehouse Entry / Class 8 Repackaging/Sorting / Class 4 / Class 11
    Bonded Public Warehouses and Open Storage
    Complete Transportation Service, import/export to the United States, Mexico, and Canada


Gilbert International is a 3PL Provider that specializes on shipments to and from U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

    Import \ Export
    Instant Rate Quotes


Multipurpose assistance for simple to complex workloads.

    Freight Forwarding
    Kitting, Labeling, and Final Assembly
    Reverse Logistics Capabilities
    Quality Product Inspection
    Intensive Inspection Unloading/Reloading for Homeland Security of Border Protection

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage available upon request with our dedicated team of experts.

    Customs Clearance


Refrigerated Warehouse

We provide state-of-the-art cold storage warehousing (65 degrees) facilities and services. Gilbert International has extensive knowledge in the cold chain, from building our own facilities to operating others.

Dry Warehouse

Dry warehousing is a great option for dry storage products that don’t have strict temperature requirements. Racks are also available to offer the best solutions for your business.

Food Grade Warehouse

Food grade warehouses serve as a cohesive link between the fields of the farmer, processor, retailer, and consumer. We offer streamlined food warehousing with the best grocery distribution centers.

High-Grade Technology

We develop and deploy cutting-edge IT systems allowing clients to manage high-volume shipments, check with inventory levels, and order status right from their account. 24/7 security to ensure your product is secure.

Specialty Equipment

Our specialty equipment includes Yard Lifts (up to 35,000 lbs), Fork Lifts (up to 12,000 lbs), Roll Clamps, Ball Clamps, Drum Clamps, Carton Clamps, and Electric Narrow Isle Equipment. We provide flexibility in terms of personnel and warehouse space.

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Gilbert International

Gilbert International is a veteran owned company ideally located in Laredo, TX. Over the years, Gilbert International has quickly adapted to the ever changing landscape of today’s logistic requirements. The Gilbert family has provided transportation and distribution services for over 80 years. We strongly believe in providing exceptional service at competitive prices to our customers. Our reputation, credibility, and ideal location have enabled us to operate one of the major U.S. distribution warehouses on the Mexican border.

250,000+Storage Space

Gilbert International HQ

Certifications and Memberships

Gilbert International Texas Warehouse Association
Best Service Provider

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